Passion for sincere living

David Dewulf is a doctor. After studying medicine, he travelled the world for years in search of new inspiration and deeper meaning of life. He encountered original cultures and the ancient wisdom of China, Thailand, Nepal and India. A new world opened up to him. The wisdom traditions of the West have also given him many answers.

This trip was also an inner journey that still continues and is at the root of the many books he has written. David considers his latest book “The path of self-compassion,” to be his most important contribution to the world of mindfulness and compassion and brings a lot of new insights.

David gives numerous lectures at home and abroad and was also invited to the Harvard post-graduate study in Mind/Body Medicine.

In 2001, David founded The Institute for Attention & Mindfulness (I AM). More than 30 trainers are now connected to the institute. In collaboration with See True, he offers trainings in the Netherlands.

David is the author of fifteen books on mindfulness including some bestsellers like ‘Heartful leven, Mindful werken. Balans in je leven’, ‘Mindful gelukkig. 7 bronnen van innerlijke vreugde’ and ‘Jezelf accepteren met mindfulness en compassie’ (available In Dutch (21)).

David finds his passion in inspiring people to go deeper every time. And of course in his wonderful family!

Listen to David's TED talk about training empathy in your car

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