Recommendations for the book "Heartful living, mindful work"

"David Dewulf provides the reader with a substantiated methodology; provides concrete tips and exercises; shares his / her rich experience and insights, which can help each of us in his / her quest to find a balance in and between each of the life roles and functions. (as a parent, as an employee, as an employer, as a partner, as a citizen, as a consumer,…) that we fulfill every day. A book that invites you to live more 'Heartful' and to work 'Mindful'."

Peter Vlerick
Professor of Work and Health Psychology, Ghent University

"This book is an invitation to be open to the many experiences and possibilities in life. I hope that many people will enjoy the benefits of attention, silence and unbiased perception and with more gentleness towards themselves and the environment in the world. live."

Inge Vervotte
Former Minister of Welfare

"In this book David Dewulf goes far beyond the predictable hype, beyond stress reduction or measurable efficiency. Silence, not knowing, humor, kindness, compassion, room for difficult times and for colors outside the lines: every contribution, no matter how small , of these values ​​is of particular importance to our overheated society. What's more, it is important that the book invites and does not prescribe, leaves choice and does not judge."

Professor Dirk De Wachter
Author of “Borderline Times” and “Love. An impossible desire? ”, KULeuven.
Recommendations for the book "The way of self-compassion"

"This book offers you a lot of tips and insights to really see your own life story in a new light. It helps to align the compass of your heart with your values ​​from a unique breathing space and a completely unique and original direction in your life. to find.'"

Professor Manu Keirse
Doctor, psychologist and author of, among others, “See the human” and “Fingerprint of grief”

"This book is filled with wisdom from the heart. David Dewulf shares his deep understanding of how we sometimes get stuck in difficult emotions, giving us healing meditations that set our hearts free again."

Tara Brach, Ph.D
Author of 'Your Heart as Shelter' and 'Radical Acceptance'

"The way of self-compassion is a beautiful reflection of David's many years of experience with mindfulness and compassion. In a gentle way the exercises and meditations touch the heart and testify to an extraordinary insight and sensitivity. lives."

Christopher Germer
Harvard Medical School, author of "Mindfulness & Self-Compassion"
Recommendations for the book "Accepting yourself"

"Self-acceptance is without a doubt the most important thing when it comes to facing life and its difficulties. We all understand the importance of a peaceful relationship with ourselves: but the intellectual understanding is not enough, there is also a need for a practice, emotional. and physical. Mindfulness offers us the ideal path for this practice. And this book, concretely and amicably, shows you how to walk this path. "

Christophe André
Psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Sainte-Anne in Paris and author of "Meditation, day after day"

"A book that can touch the hearts of many. Keep it close, it can help you take off the armor that is blocking you from loving yourself and life and living life fully. With the wise words and meditations. that physician and author David Dewulf offers can awaken your heart."

Tara Brach, Ph.D
Author of "Radical Acceptance" and "Your Heart as Shelter"
Recommendations for the book "Mindful Happy"

"This is a wonderful book about what every human being deeply desires: happiness. It is rooted in the ancient Eastern wisdom of the Buddha, but offers many practical tips for a more fulfilling life in our contemporary Western society. The form is accessible, the content of all times. Impossible not to be inspired."

Paul Van Hooydonck
Founder Ehipassiko Buddhist Center (Antwerp)

"I recommend the book Mindful Happy to anyone, especially those who are going through a difficult period in their life. Literally applying the 7 sources of inner joy every day, as best you can, offers you a wonderful way to find happiness back in your life. When your heart is broken, there is the risk of hardening and building a wall around your heart or of dwelling in grief. This book offers you a third way, namely say yes to life with its beautiful but also with its dark side The nice thing about this book is that it is very easy to read and applicable for those who are not yet familiar with meditation or mindfulness, and can find a means to help themselves Healing. That's how I experienced it in myself during a very difficult period in my life."

Dr. Bruno Ariens
General practitioner and author of "Wake Up Sleep In" and "Sleep Tight"

"This light-hearted, joyful, inviting book, written by a physician who has become one of Europe's leading mindfulness teachers, can help anyone taste the joys of embracing life as it presents itself in the present moment. Through clear examples, Dr. Dewulf helps us awaken to the age-old truth that modern psychological science now corroborates: it is not the circumstances of our lives, but our reactions to those circumstances that determine our happiness."

Ronald Siegel
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School and author of “The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems”
Recommendations for the book "Mindfulness in your relationship"

"This book is a gift. A gift in the lofty sense of the word. Because it teaches - unperturbed in disarming simplicity - the real working in the love life: giving. From a look, attention ... to giving of yourself: the gift of life as a partner. In real presence: no longer scattered."

Prof. Dr. Piet Nijs
Psychiatrist and sexologist

"Mindfulness in relationships is a pleasure to read! I read it with an affable smile and sometimes a burst of laughter. It is very healing now also to 'understand' how my previous relationships came to a farewell. Thank you!"

Reader response
Recommendations for the book "Mindfulness workbook"

"Dr. Dewulf combines proven research methods, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) methods with his own practical wisdom, offering readers a powerful, intuitive and highly effective program for greater self-awareness and inner peace."

Rick Hanson, Ph.D
Author of "Buddha's Brain: "The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom"

"This book offers a wonderful value to the value of Mindfulness. The clear and inspiring words of David Dewulf will give many people the strength and courage to walk this path of healing and wholeness. Whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for many years. book will give you new insights for your inner journey."

Professor Mark Williams
Clinical Psychology, Oxford University
Recommendations for the book "Mindfulness for teenagers"

"This book will be a major help in bringing mindfulness to a new generation. David Dewulf uses his considerable skills as practitioner and teacher to take the reader step by step through a program that promises to change lives in significant ways. Clinicians and family members will also find the book an invaluable guide to mindfulness practice."

Prof Mark Williams
Oxford Mindfulness Center, Co-author of “The Mindful Way Through Depression”

"A wise and practical guide that provides young people with powerful mindfulness exercises to develop inner peace, strength, self-acceptance, self-awareness and interpersonal (or communication) skills. These qualities will help teens navigate the heights and lows of life during this stressful, creative and vulnerable phase of their lives."

Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn
Authors of the book "Growing with children"
Recommendations for the book "Self-Compassion for your kids"

"But also empathize with the situation and not solve it by making it even more difficult, but by adding softness back to it. The adult world shows that it is not a luxury. Unfortunately, we are more likely to practice battle there than the outstretched hand. And too often calm solutions come after excitement and annoyance. Wouldn't it be a nice gift for the next generation if, by practicing already at a young age, they would be more positively aligned with the adult world? This book points the way to it, just let the voices in their figures come to the stage! " And too often calm solutions come after excitement and annoyance. Wouldn't it be a nice gift for the next generation if, by practicing already at a young age, they would be more positively aligned with the adult world? This book points the way to it, just let the voices in their figures come to the stage! " And too often calm solutions come after excitement and annoyance. Wouldn't it be a nice gift for the next generation if, by practicing already at a young age, they would be more positively aligned with the adult world? This book points the way to it, just let the voices in their figures come to the stage!"

Prof. Peter Adriaenssens
Child and adolescent psychiatrist, KU Leuven
Recommendations for the book "Mindfulness for stress, burnout and depression"

"David Dewulf is tireless in his quest to learn and to teach how the truths of ancient practical wisdom may be made relevant to the daily lives of people who often feel overwhelmed by the demands of the twenty-first century. The ideas in his book, put into practice day by day by thousands of people, have been scientifically proven to be effective in transforming lives. Here he gives insights to teachers on how to gradually learn the deep skills needed to invite participants to understand and practice mindfulness."

Profe Mark Williams
Oxford Mindfulness Center, Co-author of “The Mindful Way Through Depression”

"In addition to its content richness and proven effectiveness, MBCT has another feature that is very important from a scientific point of view: it is reproducible because the methodology of the program is laid down in a step-by-step plan, a description of the path that will be taken through the eight sessions. lies the great importance of this book, as it provides the reader with a unique insight into the methods that make the mindfulness program so effective. The book is therefore a fascinating collection of wealth and science. This is only possible because David Dewulf has accumulated vast experience in the study and practice of mindfulness over many years. He has made many hundreds of people wise and resilient by familiarizing them with the techniques of mindfulness in the eight-week program, which is described in detail in this book. In addition, he is an inspiring mentor with a great drive to make the mindfulness approach available to as many people as possible. This book is a very important step in this respect.

Prof. dr. Kees van Heeringen
University of Ghent
Recommendations for the book "Mindfulness training for young people"

"David Dewulf knows how to transfer the ideas and practices of mindfulness to young people in this book in a playful, creative and clear way. The book is the long-awaited manual for trainers, which is part of the workbook 'Mindfulness for young people', published in 2009. The curriculum described in this book is based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's proven stress reduction training for over 30 years, adapted in text and practice for young people, and this training deserves a place in high school, to complement and counterbalance all the main knowledge have to take them in as extra luggage for this hectic life."

Joke Hellemans
Clinical psychologist, mindfulness trainer and educator

"This book is a really good guide that can support you in bringing mindfulness to teens. It is also clinically proven to reduce stress, depression and anxiety and help teens develop resilience and compassion to ultimately be happier and happier. A fulfilling life. This book is written in a friendly, clear, encouraging style. If you are committed to providing “life skills” to young people, this book will support you in making this happen."

Amy Saltzman M.D.
Author of "A Quiet Quiet Place: A Mindfulness Program to Teach Children and Teens to Cope With Stress and Difficult Emotions" and "A Quiet Quiet Place: A Mindfulness Workbook to Deal With Stress and Difficult Emotions."

"David Dewulf is a renowned meditation trainer and writer whose deep wisdom has helped thousands of people, young and old, over the years. Here he fully describes, for the first time, the Mindfulness for Youth program so that mindfulness trainers and Bring personal experience and mindfulness practice to young people. Independent clinical research has shown that his program works. Read every page of his book and you will find out why!"

Prof Mark Williams
Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford and Co-author of Mindfulness. A Practical Guide.”

"Parents, teachers, and therapists are enthusiastically discovering that mindfulness exercises can effectively help children surf the intense waves of their lives. But how can we get them excited about these practices? In this detailed, structured, and also wise and compassionate book. , Dr. Dewulf describes a clear guide in teaching mindfulness to young people. Includes wise advice for the inevitable challenges you will encounter on this path. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to use mindfulness tools to help children thrive."

Ronald D. Siegel
Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School, Author of “Mindfulness the Way Out” and co-author of “Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, 2nd Edition”
Recommendations for the book "Self-compassion in training and therapy"

"A rich book! Not only self-compassion is described but also themes such as equanimity, gratitude, forgiveness, values, love and communication are extensively discussed. The book invites the reader to an intensive development of his own heart qualities. And as always. David Dewulf writes clearly and inspiringly."

Ernst Bohlmeijer
Professor of Mental Health Promotion and author of “The Power of Gratitude” and “Compassion as the Key to Happiness”.